Image Processing Software

Image Processing Software Picture Processing Toolbox™ gives a thorough arrangement of reference-standard calculations and work process applications for picture handling, investigation, representation, and calculation improvement. You can perform picture division, …

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Naive Bayes In R

Naive Bayes In R library(caret) set.seed(7267166) trainIndex=createDataPartition(mydata$prog, p=0.7)$Resample1 train=mydata[trainIndex, ] test=mydata[-trainIndex, ] ## check the balance print(table(mydata$prog)) print(table(train$prog)) library(e1071) NBclassfier=naiveBayes(prog~science+socst, data=train) print(NBclassfier) printALL=function(model){ trainPred=predict(model, newdata = train, type = “class”) …

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