Yugioh Card Database


10/26/2017 Cleaned up crude card records, and the cleaned rundown can be found at cleaned_cards

Need to sort every one of the 1610 1609 cards into one of the accompanying classes:

  1. Ordinary Monster
  2. Impact Monster
  3. Combination Normal Monster
  4. Combination Effect Monster
  5. Trap
  6. Spell

Essentially, each impact, trap, or spell card should be doled out an impact ID, which will signify what impacts the card has (not comprehensive):

  • PNTR (Atk-Def entrance harm)
  • DSTR (Destroy a card)
  • REMV (Remove a card from play)
  • RETR (Return a card to the hand)
  • SPSM (Special bring a card)

For the impact IDs which require an objective card for the card cooperation, an objective ID should likewise be added to mean what kind of cards the impact can or will target:

  • MNST (Monster cards)
  • TRSP (Trap and spell cards)
  • FCUP (Face-up beast cards)
  • GVYD (Cards in the cemetery)

For all beast cards, segments are needed to mean ATK, DEF, and LVL information.

10/27 Unable to motorize crawling/looking in view of Google. Elective strategy expected to robotize card type age. Extra fields for card database expected to show type, sway, and other information.

10/27 EDIT No convincing motivation to crawl/search through Google. Using the yugioh.wikia.com wiki pages, I can scratch card type and other relevant information from the site. Before truly scratching the significant information, a database with fitting assessments should be made (tallying anyway not confined to: cardNumber, cardName, cardType, Attribute, monsterType, monsterLevel, monsterATK, monsterDEF, etc)

2/15/2018 Scraped all of the 1610 cards from the wiki pages, fitting database cards_full.db contains 9 segments: cardNumber, cardName, cardAttribute, cardType, cardLevel, cardAttack, cardDefense, cardEffect, cardColor

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