Tableau Pricing

Tableau Pricing: Features, Costs and Top BI Alternatives

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business knowledge arrangement that gives clients simplified usefulness for planning data, making dashboards and representations, and imparting experiences to different clients. It has three fundamental items: Desktop, Server and Online. Tableau has as of late appeared Tableau Prep, another stage that permits examiners to clean and get ready data all the more effectively.

We’ve reviewed Tableau in the past, however this post will zero in on its estimating levels, just as the costs of its top BI other options.

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How Much is Tableau?

Tableau’s evaluating is accessible in three membership choices: Tableau Creator ($70/client/month), Tableau Explorer ($35/client/month), and Tableau Viewer ($12/client/month). Each record incorporates upkeep, item overhauls, and backing in one expense, so there are nothing unexpected charges.

  • Tableau Creator –Tableau Creator is intended for singular experts and force clients, and expenses $70 per client, every month (charged yearly). It incorporates admittance to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep, just as one Creator permit for either Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Note that the Creator cost is the equivalent, notwithstanding if Tableau is conveyed in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Tableau Explorer –Tableau Explorer is intended for clients that need to investigate administered self-administration analytics. For instance, clients can investigate accessible data to respond to their own inquiries, as opposed to having an examiner do this for them. It costs $35 per client, every month (charged yearly) whenever sent on-premise and incorporates one permit to Tableau Server. Whenever conveyed in the cloud, this arrangement costs $42 per client every month (charged yearly) and incorporates one permit to Tableau Online.
  • Tableau Viewer –Tableau Viewer is intended for clients that simply need to get to – however not need to make – dashboards and representations. At the point when sent on-premise, it costs $12 per client, every month (charged yearly) and incorporates one watcher permit to Tableau Server. At the point when sent in the cloud, it costs $15 per client, every month (charged yearly) and incorporates one watcher permit to Tableau Online. Note that Tableau requires at least 100 watchers for this level.

There’s likewise an extra data the executives highlight to Tableau Server that costs $5.50 per client every month (charged yearly). It requires at least 100 clients for all Creators, Explorers and Viewers on a Server organization. Tableau offers an extra worker the executives highlight for $3 per client every month (charged yearly). The data the board highlight is additionally accessible to Tableau Online at a similar value point ($5.50 per client every month), and Tableau likewise offers Resource Blocks for running simultaneous Prep streams. Every Resource Block costs $250 every month (charged yearly).

At last, Tableau gives an Embedded Analytics stage to organizations that need to share analytics with their customers yet don’t have the assets to assemble them. Valuing isn’t openly accessible, so you’ll need to contact Tableau straightforwardly for a statement.

Top Alternatives to Tableau

While Tableau is a significant player, it’s one of the numerous BI arrangements accessible on the lookout. For organizations that need to look at costs among Tableau and another arrangement, we’ve thought of three other options.

Power  BI: Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business insight and analytics administration that gives a full review of your most basic data. Interfacing with all your data sources, Power BI improves data assessment and imparting to versatile dashboards, intuitive reports, inserted visuals and then some.

Force BI comes in three levels – Desktop, Pro, and Premium. The Desktop level is free for singular clients, while the Pro arrangement costs $9.99 per client every month. The Premium arrangement is based on a limit valuing, charging per hub every month. Force BI offers a superior adaptation cost adding machine for custom statement ranges dependent on the quantity of genius, incessant and infrequent clients who will be dynamic on a record’s excellent form of the product.

Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense is a self-administration data disclosure device that has two primary releases. To start with, there’s the Qlik Sense Business version that costs $30 per client, every month (charged yearly). It incorporates a significant number of Qlik Sense highlights notwithstanding up to 5 shared spaces, up to 50 data reloads every day, 250 GB distributed storage and 1.25 GB in-memory application size limit.

At that point, there’s the Qlik Sense Enterprise, a multi-cloud release, that incorporates limitless shared and oversaw spaces, absolute distributed storage beginning at 500 GB, in-memory application size limit beginning at 2.5 GB and at any rate 100 planned data reloads every day. Qlik Sense Enterprise is separated into Professional User and Analyzer User. Proficient User costs $70 per client, every month and Analyzer User costs $40 per client, every month (charged yearly).

Alteryx –Alteryx offers memberships for its licenses that should be paid every year. The evaluating covers item updates and backing. The Alteryx Designer costs $5,195 every year, while the Alteryx Server costs $78,975. Extra abilities for Alteryx Designer incorporates an area experiences data set (for $11,700 per client every year) and business bits of knowledge data set ($33,800 per client every year).

Extra abilities for the Alteryx Server incorporates Alteryx Connect ($39,000 every year) and Alteryx Promote (contact seller for quote).


Tableau’s estimating technique can be an extraordinary fit for organizations that need their own representatives to get to data themselves however not need to do any of the prep work included that tumbles to a data investigator. This is the place where the Tableau Viewer membership falls in. Be that as it may, this membership needs at any rate 100 bought in clients, so for an organization with under 100 representatives, the Creator or Explorer plan is the better alternative.

Indeed, even with the individual evaluating levels, Tableau might be excessively costly for private companies. Along these lines, the free arrangement that Power BI offers might be the reasonable decision.

These four arrangements aren’t your lone choices in the BI commercial center. Look at our business insight audits page, where we’ve reviewed more than 50 BI solutions for organizations, all things considered.

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