Features of Java


The essential target of Java programming language creation was to make it compact, straightforward and secure programming language. Aside from this, there are likewise some brilliant highlights which assume a significant part in the fame of this language. The highlights of Java are otherwise called java buzzwords.

A rundown of most significant highlights of Java language is given beneath.

Java Features

  1. Simple
  2. Object-Oriented
  3. Portable
  4. Platform independent
  5. Secured
  6. Robust
  7. Architecture neutral
  8. Interpreted
  9. High Performance
  10. Multithreaded
  11. Distributed
  12. Dynamic


Java is exceptionally simple to learn, and its sentence structure is basic, spotless and straightforward. As per Sun, Java language is a basic programming language in light of the fact that:

  • Java sentence structure depends on C++ (so simpler for developers to learn it after C++).
  • Java has eliminated many muddled and infrequently utilized highlights, for instance, express pointers, administrator over-burdening, and so on
  • There is no compelling reason to eliminate unreferenced objects on the grounds that there is an Automatic Garbage Collection in Java.


Java is an object-oriented programming language. Everything in Java is an item. Item arranged methods we coordinate our product as a mix of various sorts of articles that joins both data and conduct.

Item situated programming (OOPs) is a procedure that disentangles programming improvement and upkeep by giving a few principles.

Essential ideas of OOPs are:

  1. Item
  2. Class
  3. Legacy
  4. Polymorphism
  5. Deliberation
  6. Embodiment

Platform Independent

Java is platform independent

Java is stage autonomous on the grounds that it is not the same as different dialects like C, C++, and so on which are accumulated into stage explicit machines while Java is a compose once, run anyplace language. A stage is the equipment or programming climate wherein a program runs.

There are two sorts of stages programming based and equipment based. Java gives a product based stage.

The Java stage varies from most different stages as in it is a product put together stage that runs with respect to the highest point of other equipment based stages. It has two segments:

  1. Runtime Environment
  2. API(Application Programming Interface)

Java code can be sudden spike in demand for numerous stages, for instance, Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac/OS, and so forth Java code is accumulated by the compiler and changed over into bytecode. This bytecode is a stage free code since it tends to be sudden spike in demand for various stages, i.e., Write Once and Run Anywhere(WORA).


Java is best known for its security. With Java, we can develop virus-free systems. Java is secured because:

  • No explicit pointer
  • Java Programs run inside a virtual machine sandbox

how Java is secured

  • Classloader: Classloader in Java is a piece of the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) which is utilized to stack Java classes into the Java Virtual Machine powerfully. It adds security by isolating the bundle for the classes of the neighborhood record framework from those that are imported from network sources.
  • Bytecode Verifier: It checks the code pieces for unlawful code that can disregard access right to objects.
  • Security Manager: It figures out what assets a class can access, for example, perusing and keeping in touch with the neighborhood circle.

Java language gives these protections as a matter of course. Some security can likewise be given by an application engineer expressly through SSL, JAAS, Cryptography, and so forth


Hearty essentially implies solid. Java is strong on the grounds that:

  • It utilizes solid memory the executives.
  • There is an absence of pointers that evades security issues.
  • There is programmed trash assortment in java which runs on the Java Virtual Machine to dispose of articles which are not being utilized by a Java application any longer.
  • There are special case taking care of and the sort checking component in Java. Every one of these focuses make Java vigorous.

Design impartial

Java is design impartial on the grounds that there are no execution subordinate highlights, for instance, the size of crude sorts is fixed.

In C programming, int data type possesses 2 bytes of memory for 32-digit design and 4 bytes of memory for 64-cycle engineering. Be that as it may, it involves 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64-bit structures in Java.


Java is versatile in light of the fact that it encourages you to convey the Java bytecode to any stage. It doesn’t need any usage.


Java is quicker than other conventional deciphered programming dialects since Java bytecode is “close” to local code. It is still a smidgen more slow than an arranged language (e.g., C++). Java is a deciphered language that is the reason it is more slow than incorporated dialects, e.g., C, C++, and so forth


Java is circulated on the grounds that it encourages clients to make disseminated applications in Java. RMI and EJB are utilized for making disseminated applications. This element of Java makes us ready to get to records by calling the techniques from any machine on the web.


A string resembles a different program, executing simultaneously. We can compose Java programs that manage numerous assignments on the double by characterizing various strings. The fundamental preferred position of multi-stringing is that it doesn’t involve memory for each string. It shares a typical memory zone. Strings are significant for multi-media, Web applications, and so forth


Java is a unique language. It upholds dynamic stacking of classes. It implies classes are stacked on request. It likewise underpins capacities from its local dialects, i.e., C and C++.

Java upholds dynamic gathering and programmed memory the board (trash assortment).

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